WHERE AM I ?? Do you recognise the city in the short movie trailer above? Then read on and get the chance to WIN my LIVE SHARE ENJOY Package!

MY GIVEAWAY FOR YOU – how it works …

I am traveling for over two years now and I want to share more than just travel videos. I have created some Mugs, Gadgets, Magnet Pins, Stickers and typical local stuff which I get from wherever I am. I cannot promise on what the package will be, but for sure will contain my LIVE SHARE ENJOY MUG and my STICKER !! All additional side gifts are due to availability. I would like to send you also all the delicious food which I have here around, too, but I guess that will not be possible 🙂

A surprise package is waiting for you to win in a game as follows, in short: COMMENT & FOLLOW/LIKE

  1. WHERE AM I right now ? WRITE THE NAME OF THE CITY IN THE COMMENTS, here below. – You can watch the trailer above or look in the footer of my website or read below 😉
  2. Click on the option to be updated whenever I post something new. (optional)
  3. Follow me on Instagram:
  4. OR (if you don’t have instagram, then like my Facebook Page:
  5. That’s it !! So easy. RIGHT?

Maybe some will comment under the Instagram Post, some under the Facebook Shared Post. I will take all into consideration, but once you’re here right now, why not just writing the CITY NAME here and now. Just scroll down. The randomly chosen winner has to follow either INSTAGRAM or my FACEBOOK PAGE ! I will check that 😉

In the following two weeks I will close the game and pick a random winner out of the comments …. and? …  Have you already found the city? Watch the video above or read here below ….

I give you a hint: It’s Initials are KL and it is the capital city of Malaysia 🙂 I arrived here two days ago and had this idea of sharing it with you in a different way. Beyond the GIVEAWAY I want to mention and also thank to every commenting person for the support which means a lot to me. THANK YOU !

“Remember, since I haven’t got yet that mass of followers at the moment, your chances are very good to win the prize. 😉 and I am truly thankful for every single person who leaves a comment. THANK YOU !” – EFE

Comment the name of this capital city and you could be my first winner of WHERE AM I game.

The Prize for the winner …

will probably contain a Mug and one of my stickers like here on the picture. Maybe something special extra wise. But let’t keep it as a surprise. All content can vary and change, so this is just an idea but not a promise due to the availability of my merchandise.

The Stickers with the LIVE SHARE ENJOY Design fit onto many places. You can stick them on your fridge, on your shelf or as I did, on your Notebook/Laptop/MacBook. 

I even met some travellers and business owners during my travels who had a very positive feedback on the Stickers and who have pimped up their MacBooks with them, yes, how awesome is that. I was really surprised that people asking for it. Of course that is what I wished for, to spread a good mood with that slogan, to share my happiness with everyone who is ready to embrace it. LIVE SHARE ENJOY alltogether. Repeatedly, I know, but I am really stoked about the positive feedback. I really hope you like them, too.

Go ahead, comment here the name of the City.

Thank you for your support and Good luck with winning my Surprise Package. (Still a bit of Surprise for you since you don’t know which extra items I will pack in) 😁

Please also let me know how you like this my idea. Do you like to have a GIVEAWAY GAME of this kind every month? Thank you for your kind support.


Yours, EFE.

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  1. Gracia says:

    Kuala Lumpur!!! 😍😘😎

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