Jakarta is well-known for being a bit more expensive in everything, like also food and accomodation. This blogpost is supposed to be a quite quick travel tip for how you can safe your money while visiting Jakarta, no matter what the reason for your visit is, actually. But let me ask you beforehand, have you ever applied for an extension of your Indonesian Visa in the capital city of Jakarta or elsewhere in the country?

If you did so, just like me, you already know that this procedure can take about a week and you have to visit the Immigration Office at least three times. The first time to submit your paperwork. Best case, you already have all documents such as your passport, the Official Application Form, Sponsor letter, ID of your sponsor as a copy and your passport/ID copy complete, filled up properly and ready to pass over the counter desk. Then you will be told to come back two working days later for payment and photo (they will take a photo of you for the visa in a seperate room). Then another two days to wait until you can return and your passport including the new visa (for one further month) is being issued and handover to you.

[Extra Tip: If possible, you are supposed to schedule your visit at the Kantor Imigrasi Kelas I, Jakarta Selatan on a Monday. (as far as I know, there are supposed to be three Immigration Offices in total, but this is the one I am going for each time in the capital city). So most likley to get your Visa done by thursday or friday. In case of a holiday in between you will need to invest a little bit more time.]

“And here is my Top Travel Tip for Jakarta if you want to save most of your money with just one simple click. Life can be easy and cheap, too, if we know how!”

Pictures above show some impressions of the homestay, see yourself how clean and cozy it is …

There is a quite secret gem within the whole bunch of homestays and hostels in Jakarta and I am really glad for finding and booking it …. it is the Homestay Gang Remaja 19. Situated in East Jakarta and very near to Pasar Minggu, the famous local market. A very clean accomodation in a narrow sidestreet. Local ambience only, no cars around, almost no bikes since it is really narrow. Thus quiet and the neighborhood very friendly and safe.  Don’t bother yourself with the previous reviews. The place has a new owner since January as I was told and I was really treated very nicely which made my stay very comfortable. I received a wifi port on day two of my stay and since then had internet. So if you arrive you should ask immidiately for it. In case you stay only one night and don’t have local internet data (which I recommend), you don’t want to miss it. You can ask for everything, they will help the best they can since they are very engaged. Don’t get confused, it is not only one person looking after you, there are several within the family and close family friends who will give you service.

These are quick snapshots from the first two days, all inclusive if you book through agoda, but you can also use booking.com and pay on top for full meal service every as you need it – top up to enjoy delicious home made food … I liked it very much …

So all in all ….. Unbelievably awesome if you already know that you will take three meals without leaving the place you book through the app of Agoda, as I did, you get three meals a day – that means ALL INKLUSIVE !!! That is insane. I paid 17€ for 4 nights = 4,25€ per night !!! You can eat in the streets nearby where you can get anything from fruits to vegetables and hot meals in street restaurants but helloooo: 4,25€ including 3 meals and extra fruits, free coffee, tea, chocolate drink and water … no one can beat this in Jakarta. Show me if, please!

But there is also another crazy option to book Homestay Gang Remaja 19 even for less money: if you book through Booking.com you pay only 3€ per night, only breakfast included, but no lunch nor dinner. (The prices refer to the date of this blogpost and are subject to change at anytime, just check in the apps or online)


  • Clean Homestay
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch (various choices)
  • Dinner (can vary, too, from cereals with snack and fruits to a warm home made food)
  • Wifi (enough for social media and messages, online research and bookings, I worked on my WordPress Page but for this the speed is not ideal)
  • Local private environment with food stalls as usual in the next streets nearby.
  • ATM nearby in several Market Stores
  • Best taxi transportation: use Grab Bike or Go-Jek Bike

UPDATE: the prices and all-inklusives seem to vary, which I found out by now, so please check at BOOKING.com for the up-to-date prices. This is an independent review on my own, so please accept my appologies if the owner makes huge changes in her offer. Thank you.

If you are just in need of an overnight accomodation you’ll do best booking through booking.com. If you want to stay longer without the need to stroll around and eat outside just book the full service through Agoda App. I did this and since I didn’t want to go out and rather work on my laptop it was the best choice I could ever make. Sitting quite comfortable inside in a kinda little lobby space and typing this blogpost for you, guys.

Hope you liked the information I share herewith. Please leave a comment, so I know your opinion about it. You will find video travel tips on my youtube channel and my photos and more videos on Instagram and Facebook. Click in and join my adventures.

Thank you for visiting my pages.


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