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Hanna asked me in my Instagram Stories how I was able to travel and travel and travel without working. (Literally!) And with her question she inspired me to this blogpost. Thank you, dear Hanna.

I stepped into this travel adventure clueless about how far I could go with my budget, but aiming to have a year of free travel. I thought I would figure out along the road how to extend my journey. Travel is no other than our daily lives when it comes to finances. If we want to reach further, we need to lower costs, adapt and best case: generate income to live the travel lifestyle we want to and having more freedom.

But enough of my thoughts.

Here are my ways to spare money, to earn money and lower my costs during my travels.


1. Change from Private Hotel rooms into dorms

At the very beginning of my travels I used to book single rooms and wasn’t aware of how fast money can be spent on this alone. You choose your own lifestyle but you have to be aware of your budget. I decided to change and try to sleep in dorms. It worked well for me. I could spare money and extend my travels.


Facts and Tips about dorms:

– dorms are not necessarily a low level choice. There are fine and super clean dorms with pools and first class services. You will love them.

– read the reviews from other travelers carefully before booking a bed and you’ll figure out the good ones vey soon. Some travelers tend to give a bad review just because they haven’t had a microwave available, or mostly because of cold water in the shower.


2. Street Food vs Restaurants

I love Street Food. You get to know the culture of the visited country and area when you know the local food. You get to know the character of a place once you tasted the street food. That’s true. And it is cheaper than any restaurant. If you have traveled on a budget you surely know what I am talking about. If not. Try it. 


3. Volunteering helps you and others

Yes, and it saves you money! Depending on the kind of volunteering you want to do or in some cases maybe have to do, it can be turn out really cool. I taught English in Vietnam and it was fun. I liked the progress of the students who haven’t had much of a budget. If you volunteer in a hostel the work will be of course a different one. Talking about work: … it is work. You will have cool and leisure time but sometimes it can be challenging, too. Which is not bad. Some Offers include also payment, but let me tell you this: I prefer working legally. And if you receive payment, it is definitely not a volunteering any more. Even working for accommodation and food only is not equally considered as Volunteering in every country. So get your info beforehand. I don’t give advice in doing a volunteering job here, I am just informing you, what possibilities are offered out there.

Types of the most common volunteering offers include:

  • Farming
  • Teaching a Language, mostly English but also others
  • Receptionist in a hostel
  • Decorations of a venue
  • Gardeners
  • Baby Sitting
  • Animal Sitting


4. Remote work – create income while traveling

This is the business part. Remotely / independently working while being registered in your country of origin. So do I. So you are eligible to pay taxes in your country while working around the world. If you have any IT based job, such as Programmer, Media Designer, Web Designer, Writer, then you have good chances to get your own clients and to travel & work. Be your own Boss. The only downside is when I am traveling at remote places or islands. I am surprised that even in many remote places and many island I had a signal on my smartphone and could at least send messages. But yes, working online acquires a good internet connection. So I have to take this into consideration when starting to a new place.


5. Blogging, YouTubing and Social Media

If you heard about bloggers who travel and write blogs about travel destinations and food etc … you have to know that there are many sub divisions. You can have your own blog which requires full-time engagement and if you’re blog is new, it won’t be getting you money in, at first stage. It requires a lot of engagement and content. In short, it will take time, but it is possible to have an income through your own blog. Same when you decide to be get income from YouTube or Instagram. It is the content which is varying a bit, but the effort to build it up is the same.

A second way is to write for other blogs, magazines and clients. Just google for writing jobs and you’ll find your way. Some Apps want to fill up content and offer payment due to the quality of your writing or tutorial or whatsoever, you’ll receive 1$, 5$ or up to some hundreds of dollars if you establish yourself as a good writer.

There are many other ways, too, like starting an online shop with either affiliate or own products etc etc … I will come up with more information about those and further possibilities, if you want me to explain about that. If so, please, let me know in the comments and I will be glad to provide you more detailed insights and tips. I hope you’ll find or have found your dream work which you really like to do, because if so, then you won’t feel like working. You will feel like travel and travel and travel without working. 😉

Last but not least, I want to share with you what an experienced traveler friend told me before I started my journey. I asked that person about the money, about costs of living during travels to have any idea about that and she answered me as follows:

“Don’t think too much about the money. Just start your travel. Everything will clear on the way. So don’t worry. Just start!”

I started. And by now I got answered my questions. Let me pass her words to you. Maybe this will be an inspiration for you, too, not to dig too deep but to start the journey you ever dreamt of.

Have a great time. Enjoy and discover.

Safe travels.

With Love


… a dreamer, an ambassador of good feelings, a freedom fighter.

Hi. I am EFE. Following the voice of my heart I am traveling, meeting people and I am stopping for any interesting place and all good hearted people. I am a media designer with passion for photography, video trailers and dancing, ready to discover the unexpected. Beauty is right in front of us. Anytime. Anywhere. Let’s LIVE SHARE ENJOY together.


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