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I announced a GIVEAWAY-Contest last days which I wrote a blogpost about and made it official right after. If you missed it, then please click here:

WHERE AM I – GIVEAWAY | Guess the City and take your chance to win my LIVE SHARE ENJOY – Set

All you need to do is, watch the video, guess in which City I am right now (it is the city in the video of course), comment writing the name of it and like my page. That’s all. Easy right?!

And here is my LIVE SHARE ENJOY – Set:

Merchandise Products - GIVEAWAY-CONTEST

And yes, this is most probably my shortest Blogpost ever. 😉

Thank you for your interest in reading my Blog. I will update new topics soon. If you have any idea what you would like to know in detail from a long-term traveller, please let me know in the comments.

Have a great time.


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Hi. I am EFE. Following the voice of my heart I am traveling, meeting people and I am stopping for any interesting place and all good hearted people. I am a media designer with passion for photography, video trailers and dancing, ready to discover the unexpected. Beauty is right in front of us. Anytime. Anywhere. Let’s LIVE SHARE ENJOY together.


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