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I would say ‘Buy me a beer’ but that don’t work – I don’t drink beer.
But you can send a few bucks my way for a Coconut Drink 🙂 or a coffee drink to speed me up a bit for the editing of my videos and content. Use the PayPal Button below to LEAVE A TIP. I will toast to you in my next video.



Short Background Summary: In August 2014 I decided to make my dream become real and start an open travel – anywhere it takes me to. In Summer 2016 I realized that dream. So I got on the road to discover the beauty on earth and to share all with family and friends. When my peeps tuned in and sent messages that they get inspired by my posts, I felt inpsired, too. Such a great feeling. That’s why I am so happy for the chance to continue to pursue my way, LIVE and SHARE my experiences with all of you and ENJOY every single moment together.

Join in and let’s do this, just enjoy together.






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