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Arrived in Georgetown, on the Island of Penang /Malaysia, I met a friend telling me about a very tasty restaurant in town. I was aiming to go out to see the penang streetart murals, but a good meal before the street art tour can’t be wrong, right? So I followed the recommendation of that friend and found the place KAPITAN. Some say it is supposed to be very expensive but according to what I got served in taste, it wasn’t at all and worth every sen (Malay Cent). Chicken Briyani with a soup and mango lassie in total for 14,40 RM which is according to $3,23 Dollars (today’s rate). And…. it was delicious! Loved it. Rice made with love and perfect seasoning and the chicken crispy and juicy as I like it. But ok, after meal I had to head on to my target…

Here are some images of KAPITAN and the food. Check it out or continue reading my Interview with the Penang Street Art below…

My Interview with the stars of the PENANG STREETART

So I arrived at my first interview partner “the minion” but he screamed out some stitched phrases I couldn’t decode and getting louder I really had to protect my ears …

After that I went to the second one I had on my interview list, the “boy on the motorbike”. Look what he did! He just drove away. Unbelievable! I tried to stop him by sticking to his motorbike but he just looked back and speeded up …

Even Bruce Lee didn’t help me. He just told me that all the Murals are sick of being photographed. Then he gave me one of his spectacular kicks. He will stay my idol though 😉

So I took a last attempt and went to the “children on the bicycle” … and guess what: everybody is telling me they are so sweet but … that’s how my day ended. All in all it was wonderful until that blood spread out of my head … 😉

PS: When I saw all the groups of tourists in front of the mural artwork taking all the same photographs in the same style, I couldn’t resist making some different kind of photo portraits of this incredibly good Penang Streetart. It is really a unique mural artwork by Ernest Zacharevic who started creating these street art murals for the Georgetown Culture Festival in Penang / Malaysia, in 2012. The street arts can mostly be found online like I saw many of them on Instagram but I highly recommend to have a real look at them – personally – since every year their number increases.

Enjoy your travels!



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