I travelled to Bali twice this year and once even crossed the very rough pass of Gunung Agung – the Bali Volcano which is spewing its ashes right now. That was a trip I’ll never forget and one month before the alert was set to the highest level of 4. Being curious and concerned about the safety of friends who are living on the beautiful island, I receive first-hand information which I want to pass on through this blog, who knows, maybe it helps you or you just want to be informed about it.


Media News Failure

When the Bali Volcano showed its first activities I tried to get some information online and googled it, of course. The first thing I do. But somehow that can be really annoying. I didn’t get the information I wanted. Even now, although some time has passed and more details about the Bali Volcano are supposed to be spread, it can be still a challenge to get the right information. One thing might be right in all the media, though: Due to the high activity of the Bali Volcano an eruption may be imminent.


First Hand Information from Insiders

During my travels I have got to know lovely people from all parts of Southeast Asia. And it is a great pleasure to have won friends from Ubud to Kuta. And those are my resources for the information within this blogpost. Concerning the volcanic ashes, Brett, who lives in Ubud and took the title picture of this post yesterday, answered in a Facebook posting: “The ash is mildly annoying when the cloud blows over where I live but […] sucks for the people who live within 10km of the volcano though.”


The Danger Zone

A 10 km (6mile) exclusion zone has been designated by the Balinese Authorities. The evacuation of locals living in this area is still in progress. “Some people are staying near the mountain because they have cows and things to look after”, according to one of my resources. Nearby neighbourhoods like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Denpasar are in the clear. But the Ngurah Rai International Airport can be closed like it was until today. It opened again at 15:00 WIB time (local time) with limited departure and arrivals. The opening times are changing constantly, so visit the pages of the airport to be informed about updates.


Consider your options

Organise and limit your activities as well as your accommodation to those areas with easier access to the airport for when flights are cleared. Some media is telling you that you can have flights to Singapore and to Australia from Lombok but according to official information the airport is closed. If you have to leave Bali and can afford to invest more money into your departure, you for sure will find ways to get out of Bali by ferry, so you can take a flight from nearby islands, such as Jawa. Watch out for airport information about busses who are provided by the government.


Stranded on Bali

If due to the Bali Volcano you are stranded on the island, consider equipping yourself with a mask and glasses, just in case of a bigger eruption and polluted air.


Stay updated

To stay updated on the latest developments about the Bali Volcano activity and other information, such as airport aperture etc., set up Google Alerts and check the News Sites. You can use “news.kompas.com” and detik. I open the sites in google chrome which has an integrated google translate toolbar on the top. Translate into your own language and keep yourself updated.


Stay safe!


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