Right now I am traveling from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh by bus. I booked in the travel agency ‘World Express Tour’ across the street seen from the hostels I stayed at; Lub D and Central Hostel. The ticket cost me 7$. The price in the Hostels and hotels was a little bit higher of course. There are many agencies so I could ask around and pick the best price for me. There are also different times for departure, so many choices.

I was picked up at 9 am by a mini van which brought me to the bus station. (The Van picks you up at your hotel). At 9:30 am the bus started the trip to Phnom Penh. Writing these lines we have around 60 km of road left until we arrive in the city. According to the map we will arrive before 3:30 pm which is the scheduled arrival time, so planned is 6 hours bus ride and it seems we are right in time. The bus drive was relaxed so far since the bus driver doesn’t rush. Smooth travel day.


Update on arrival: the city traffic was quite dense which slowed us down. So we arrived at 4:10 pm. All good 🙂


As additional note, the bus stops three times. Two times very short and one time for a bit longer, I haven’t looked at the exact time, but it should be something like 20-30 minutes. Enough time to have lunch at the restaurant in case you haven’t prepared food for your road trip. Arrival for this company was at a Mini Agency Office I retreated into a restaurant. From there I called a Rickshaw to get to my Guesthouse. Transportation cost 1$. In Cambodia please use the PASS APP for cheapest transport. 😉

That’s it so far as my short entry for my daily diary which I am continuing again from today on.

All information here was originally aimed for myself as a reminder in the calendar so I can look up what I have done or where I have been to during my travels on a certain date. But I feel good sharing it.


If any further question please let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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