Bali #DoThis First Sequence

Hi guys, friends, supporters, lovers and all of you out there, here is my New Vlog, the series is finally on the way. I arrived in Bali two days ago – ok it was night. But the very next day I just dived into my idea of a new Vlog Series about me and my adventures.

This is only a short scene out of my upcoming Vlog Series about my travels and my travel lifestyle. Once I have all of the sequences I will put them into one entire Vlog …. But for now I just couldnt wait to share the result of one day with you … hope and wish that you really like it.

I am really thrilled and excited about what is happening right now. I am fully into efforts and my projects.

Posting this just to keep in touch with you. I will post any progress and also the final Vlog Movie right after finishing it.

Here is the short sequence from yesterday:


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