Indonesia Visa 60-days
Visa for Indonesia, 60-days with option to extend monthly up to 6 months


Thats how it looks like – Indonesian 60-day Visa which I applied for yesterday and collected it today at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Singapore.

Now I can sail out without getting in trouble with time and searching an immigration office on our sailing route.

If you want to know details about the Visa Procedure, please let me know in the comments below. And I will be very happy to help out with my experiences.


Indonesia Visa 60-days

Visa for Indonesia, 60-days with option to extend monthly up to 6 months

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  1. Fiona Coates says:

    Hi I have just arrived in KL and been told I cannot get a 60 day tourist visa at the Indonesian Consulate in Penang anymore, which is where I normally get it. Please can you send me more information about your visa from Singapore. Did you go though an agent? How much did it cost? Thanks

    • EFETACK says:

      Hi Fiona,
      I never used an agent so far and don’t think about using one in future đŸ™‚
      Concerning the cost, I payed 75 SGD (Singapore Dollar) which is the standard rate for a 60-day Indonesian Visa.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Efe, We are a cycling family ( and had some questions about your Indonesian visa. Can we send you an email? Kind regards, Leonie and André

  3. Waqas says:

    Hi . I ever go Indonesia by visiting visa for 7 day can I go again by my same visa or I most appl new visa my visa most be use for 3 month but I can saty only 7 day. Tell me.plz

    • EFETACK says:

      I am not sure if I get you right. There are possibilities for applying for a longterm visa with multiple entries. Example, you apply for purposes as business, governmental reasons or visiting family – here you can get a 60 days visa including multiple entries. For further information I suggest you to have a look at the pages of the Indonesian government.Thank you.

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