Backpacking Stuff


Have to admit that some laziness is upon me somehow but managed to spread all my stuff on the bed. Taking an hour break and then go for it.

Pack the backpack and jump into next adventure. Next stop Singapore!

…. ok maybe playing a bit around with the kitten since I won’t see them that tiny and small again 🙂

but after that … I will get my lazy butt up the chair – promise ?

Some private insights from my today …


Some cutie searching warmth and shelter  you’re at the right place sweetie


This morning – still sleeping mood


Do I look like Adventure? I should use that GoPro head strap else it doesn’t make sense to bring it with me everywhere, right?!


Stuff overview after longer break in travels. It looks like chaos but believe me, after a while of packing on the fly it becomes very easy.

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