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“Earthquake in Jakarta!”

I woke up this morning receiving this message like a quick shout out from my partner. “What?!”, was my reaction since I haven’t felt anything. One old man has died in the ruins of his collapsing house according to neutral media coverage sources – first and foremost, for friends and family: I AM OK and as I said, even have not felt what was supposed to be happening so close nearby. From the post of friends in Jakarta we know that it is true … there was an Earthquake felt in Jakarta with strong tremors at around 11 pm last night.


I heard a loud ‘bang’ nearby at that time but most probably it was just a coincident and has nothing to do with the earthquake.

According to some more reliable media sources (I let out names in here) the quake was powerful and people left coastal areas of West-Java in fear of a tsunami. I just retweeted a post of Sutopo Purwo Nugroho who is an Indonesian military spokesman and informing about the quake.



I am OK

But beside me and my partner, including that our families feel all good, I want to add one thing I noticed online so far: Many media channels jump right onto this topic right now just to get top listed on google and all search engines, without any serious interest to give right information. They want to get clicks, yes, I am not saying that they are completely wrong but I would never misuse topics like “deathly quake killing unknown number of people” or “death toll in unknown number in Indonesia” just to get attention by scary titles. That’s why ….

… please refer always to known media of your country which is famous for delivering not exaggerated but only neutral journalism based on researches, not random fictive content. The topic “Earthquake in Jakarta” is a good example for Media failure and why you should not consider the very first coverage you find in the net as the total truth. Stay calm and please make your researches. For my friends who asked, Thank you.


I am thinking to continue these kind of short status updates like a kind of news update about where I am, what I do etc. to keep my friends and family as well as my supporters updated with one single post. You can still follow me on Twitter for short updates or add me as a friend on facebook.


Meet you in my the next post.




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