Sailing to Bali ?

I am very excited right now. My upcoming travel route will probably be: Jakarta – Singapore – Langkawi – Bali. The Last part could be the longest trip so far I have ever had on a sailing boat. From Langkawi along the coast of Sumatra (we for sure won’t cross the land as I drew on the map above) ….  If everything worked well I would join the entire trip from Langkawi until Bali. That would be longer than the one-week-sailing adventures I had up to now. Great. What a gorgeous travel route! Let the adventure continue. I am really happy about managing the schedule of my trips. Could set my departure from Singapore on the 28th, so I can enjoy the Singaporean Island to the fullest with my Love Pera, whom I am meeting there.

Finally, if the schedule remains, I will fly to Langkawi on the 28th and will promptly embark aboard a Catamaran, which belongs to a sailing couple from Australia. They seem to be easygoing and our first contact was uncomplicated.

From Jakarta, Flight to Singapore, Flight to Langkawi – then Sailing to BALI


Traveling to a distant place to sail with people whom you don’t know at all, only from online chat and what your feeling gives to you … would you do that?

Well, that’s the adventure and the trust in life and in myself to do the right thing. For sure it gives a bit of adrenaline when I think about the night sails but can’t wait to sing along with Lynda and her husband while we are playing on the guitar and ukulele. And hey, that’s the reason we love life, no? 🙂

One thing is for sure. I will take the experience out of it to make the best for my future travel and life.

I will report you, guys. I won’t have internet connection all the time but I will post the news as soon as I can. Stay tuned. But first comes Singapore and packing my stuff tomorrow. After 6 Month getting my beloved backpack on. Yeyyy.


An excited sailor heart




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