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since I discovered plotagraphs I can hardly resist to make collaborations with very talented artists and photographers. There are so many pictures out there like this one below, just waiting to be animated. Therefore I am offering my skills for collaboration to create some magic beyond pictures. In this post you see an unbelievably crazy photoshoot of a surfer under a giant wave – AND this is real … have a look here below and read the caption!

Click on the image below to see the crazy magic …

Ein Beitrag geteilt von EFETACK (@efetack) am

Is that crazy or not ?! Stay tuned and check out our Instagram galleries. Read this caption below from the original Photographer and scroll down to get some impression of our instagram accounts. If you want a collaboration with me, tag #efetack in your instagram posts or message me via contact form. Don’t forget to insert the link to your picture which you want to be featured as an instagram collaboration.


Original Caption of collaboration on Instagram:

This is the most impressive photo I have taken at Mavericks. Some people even think it is fake, but it’s the real deal.
It was an unusual winter morning in Half Moon Bay with lemony yellow clear sky. The large swell we’re approaching and all of the bests big wave surfers around the world showed up for these epic waves.
This particular photo was taken of Terence Saeman towing with his brother @cowboybruce just after sunrise ? when a few tow-teams started taking their chances before the paddle session started.
I like this artist and his stunning gallery. Check it out!
? Photo & Caption – @fred_pompermayer
? Animation – @efetack
? Tag EFETACK for collaboration
? Follow me and the artist ??


I hope you like this blogpost and the result of my collaboration. Please have a look at our Insta-Profiles and let me know in the comments, whether you find this topic interesting. Thank you !


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