The very first Step

Before stepping out of the door right into my magic travel adventures, I was long time daydreaming; dreaming of letting everything go, just following this consumptive call of my heart to hit the road. Finally, I did. I always imagined such a free travel to be fitting exactly to me but I couldn’t know how sweet and addictive it can

become. Strolling through streets and places full of history, inhaling the still of a clear night amid millions of stars, fireflies dancing to the melodic strings of a guitar, many breathtaking moments, which I wouldn’t experience, if I hadn’t made that one step to taste freedom – just like a child.

I am very excited to share my stories and moments with you, with friends and families.

Here is a short introduction about myself and my journey …


This is supposed to be a very first impression. My long living and steadily postponed wish is to create a series of short movies inspired by all those awesome moments during my open ended travel. More information you will find here in my Blog and also on my Social Media Channels. I will keep you updated.


Feel free to join in. LIVE SHARE ENJOY this wonderful journey together.

I really love the possibility to share my stories and moments with friends and families in this special way, through magic vlogs and trailers. I wish you enjoy it. Don’t miss the next stories and subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on instagram/facebook.

The trailer below is the result of a short mind flash which led me to some places within Jakarta/Indonesia. BTW the scene in which I am dissolving is taken on a helipad, on top of a skyscraper. That was really awesome. You’ll find behind the scenes footage on my Facebook Page, Twitter and my Patreon Page. Watch the trailer here …


You have seen the trailer above and you are asking yourself: “What is this all about?” If so, then let me explain short. Building up a content takes a bit of time, as you know. I started traveling 13 month ago (you can read more on my ABOUT PAGE). First just strolling through unknown places discovering earth and people. But then again, just taking pictures and posting random photographs, that’s somehow not enough for me, as I found out. Inspirations flood mostly my mind thus short movie scenes arise promptly in my head. More and more I gained motivation to set these scenes alive through a short movie.


Join my magic travel adventures

The Trailer is not yet delivering what is on the way but be sure good things are coming soon.

Follow me and give the idea a chance. I know we are living in a fast paced world but since I am working on this project alone, it can take some time. A bunch of awesome people are already following and supporting me and so can you.

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