Monthly Archive: January 2019

Chinese Lampions Decoration

Chinese New Year 2019

eing in Kuala Lumpur now, I was wondering when the Chinese New Year 2019 is and how it was marked. And I found out it is the year of pig. Of course, I had...

Thaipusam Festival Malaysia - Hinduism Devotees carry milk-pots on the head


Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia isiting Kuala Lumpur for the fifth time I was lucky to having set my travel date on the days of the Thaipusam Festival in Malaysia. That is the deeply religious...

Kuala Lumpur's Skyline at sunset

Is Kuala Lumpur worth visiting?

ou might consider to visit this city. Therefore, you might be asking yourself whether it is worth visiting Kuala Lumpur. And for what reasons. Let me tell you very briefly what I have found...