I am really glad you are visiting my pages. I do appreciate that a lot. What you can expect from these sites here?

Well, at the moment you’ll see just some videos all around here. Some are private holiday movies and others are a creation of my filmic motivation to do some Trailers. Also private ones with heartful messages and business image films which I was booked for through some enterprises. The aim is to present the Trailers but also – in future time – to build up these sites as a mixed magazin style including free motivational news or like  a videoblog. Feel free to watch and comment my movies. Click a little bit around and tell me your opinion how you find the trailers. Thank you. Cheers, Efkan.

Tell Your Story

Are you ready to tell and spread your story around the globe?

Style And Shine

Want to be a shooting star and immortalize your beauty on pics?

Boost Ur Business

Is your business on the right way or want to boost it?

If you say ….

"I want to host you and show my environment to EFETACK for inspirational movie making including private hang out ..."

Eine Marina in Kroatien

[you can add your ideas and we'll create a short film about where you live, your city ... etc.]

… or you tell me  ….

"I am a Sailor and want to invite you on my boat to join me during a part of my journey ..."

Eine Marina in Kroatien

[we could make a movie for your blog, have fun and I could give a skilled helping hand on board]

… maybe your aim is commercial  …

"I am a business man and want to invite EFETACK for commercial film making / promotional trailer."

Eine Marina in Kroatien

[a cinematic trailer or a promotional short movie for general/product advertising of your company]